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Are You A Property/Land Owner?

Are you a property or land owner seeking the best solution to monetize or  promote your valuable asset? Discover the immense benefits of engaging in a joint venture with one of the most reputable and trusted builder with 100 years of business legacy.Joint Venture Property Development, commonly referred to as JV in the industry, has become the preferred choice for land owners in Chennai due to its tremendous potential. Whether you own land parcel,a vacant plot or have ancestral property for partition, are involved in sibling partition, or wish to redevelop an old individual dwelling, Joint Venture Property Development offers lucrative opportunities.

As a landowner, engaging in Joint Ventures Property development provides numerous advantages:
  1. Secure a share of the developed property in the form of a flat, apartment, or dwelling—a possibility that is unlikely in the traditional outright sale model.
  2. Benefit from the continued appreciation of the property received from your share after the JV development.
  3. Generate rental or lease income from the dwellings received from your share post JV development, providing both financial growth and a self-residence option.

  4. Enjoy rental benefits from the developer during the property development of an old building, ensuring a smooth transition for the duration you require a rental accommodation.
  5. Capitalise on tax benefits for reinvestment. Any investment made in retained built space is exempted from Capital Gains Tax, in contrast to an outright sale that would attract capital gains tax.

  6. Save significantly on Stamp Duty by retaining flats, as you already own the land. Opting to retain property in a Joint Venture can help you avoid the additional 9% stamp duty that would apply to purchasing similar property elsewhere.
  7. Get a clear exit in terms of land parcels for the agreed value.This helps you monetize your land,which you can utilise/reinvest for your other requirements.

At VNCT, we prioritise your convenience and requirements. We construct flats with meticulous attention to detail, adhering to the highest specifications and current best practices. Our goal is to create exceptional buildings that make you the proud owner of a branded, landmark property in Chennai.

We understand that landowners have valid concerns in Joint Venture Property Development, and we address them effectively:
  1. JV Ratio: Reputed builders offer land sharing ratios that benefit the land owners, ensuring a fair and equitable arrangement.
  2. Payment Terms: We ensure transparent payment terms by clearly outlining them in the agreements and adhering to prompt payment schedules at various stages.
  3. Transparency: We understand that industry jargon and practices can be confusing for land owners without prior experience. Our trusted and proven developers prioritise transparency in agreements, discussions, and deals, providing you with peace of mind.
  4. Rental Expenses: We acknowledge that landowners may have concerns about rental expenses during the development phase. At VNCT, we compensate land owners for these expenses, alleviating any hesitation.
  5. On-time Completion: Our experienced and trusted developers excel in Joint Venture Property Development projects, ensuring timely completion as per agreed terms. Our tagline, “ON TIME..ALL THE TIME,” reflects our commitment to punctuality.

  6. Quality Construction: We address the concerns surrounding compromised construction quality by upholding professional, ethical practices and adhering to the highest standards of construction. We prioritise delivering quality constructed flats and apartments to land owners and customers.

In conclusion, to experience peace of mind, profitability, and transparency in Joint Venture Property Development, it is crucial for land owners to select a trusted, proven, and ethical builder. Look no further than VNCT—a reputed and experienced builder ready to address any concerns you may have as a land owner. Take advantage of our expertise in handling diverse situations and embark on a profitable Joint Venture Property Development journey.